What Are Winter Tyres? Should I Buy Them.

Winter Tyres vs Summer tyres
Winter Tyre

If you hang around on car based internet forums you will have heard about winter tyres and wondered if they are useful, or if they’re merely an extra expense that might stretch the pocket even further just before Christmas. The fact is winter tyres offer more security in cold weather by giving you extra grip in bends and increased stopping power. Ths is why you will find they are a legal requirement in some countries across Europe.

What Are Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres offer more grip than regular summer or all-weather tyres are they are made of softer rubber compounds, also the tread patterns that grab onto the road surface are deeper and wider grooves that help them clear as much water, slush and snow as possible. Most new cars are sold with summer tyres or all-season tyres, but some cars offer winter tyres as an option. If not, you can buy them at your local dealership or online stores such as BlackCircles, Kwik-Fit, or MyTyres. You can even get them on eBay from hundreds of tyre centres.

When Should I Use Winter Tyres?

Winter tyres are most useful at any temperature below seven degrees Celsius. The softer rubber compound helps them stick to cold surfaces better than summer tyres that turn hard and brittle when temperatures fall towards freezing.

Can I Use Winter Tyres in Summer?

If the temperature is above 11 degrees, summer tyres are better at stopping a car even on a wet road and they won’t wear as quickly as softer winter tyres. So you should always change your winter tyres back when the temperatures rise in spring.

Should I buy Winter Tyres?

Having a set of winter tyres can benefit most drivers. Drivers of heavy cars or rear-wheel-drive cars can benefit most from winter tyres – these vehicles can slide or struggle in slippery conditions, and winter tyres could be the difference between getting stuck or getting home. Most people that already own winter tyres also have a second set of wheels.  meaning their summer and winter tyres can be swapped easily and even at home with a good jack and axle stands available from our shop.

Disadvantages Of Winter Tyres

The main draw back  is the cost of buying and fitting a set of winter tyres, and you’ll need somewhere to store your spare tyres when you’re not using them, although some dealers offer to store your tyres for you. one tyre dealer we know has a tyre spa service for your other set of rims and tyres.

How Much Do They Cost?

Winter tyres are generally aren’t much more expensive than summer tyres – they cost around from £50 each, fitted on a family car such as the Focus or Golf, if you buy them online from somewhere such as BlackCircles or ATS Euromaster.

One thing to bear in mind, adding winter tyres may not be as expensive as you think, your summer tyres simply won't have the winter mileage put on them, so replacing them may not come round so fast. If you do opt for a second set of wheel rims, then you can keep your best ones for summer use so all the salt and dirt doesn't corrode them. Demon Tweeks do a good range of wheel rims for cars of all makes right up to a massive 23inch rim.

Are They Worth Tt?

Whether you get winter tyres depends on where you live and drive, what car you own and whether you’re planning any long winter journeys. Winter tyres are potentially more suited to countryside locations and places where roads are rarely gritted that can become treacherous with rain, ice and snow.  Your cars value may come into play when thinking about winter tyres, but it shouldn't as its your life that they could save let alone that of your family or friends in your vehicle.

Places To Buy.

All good tyre centres should carry a range of winter tyres in popular sizes.  Here are some of the most well know centres to start your tyre hunting, If you are still not convinced about winter tyres then you can always opt for a Michelin Crossclimate+ tyre that is a All season tyre with a Winter certification. We run Michelin tyres on all our cars, and we have found them to be the bet tyre so grip and tyre life.