Thieves Could Steal Cars Holding Car Hacking Device To Your Front Door

Car Hacking Device

Thieves have been caught on camera stealing BMW 530d M-Sport, by holding up a car hacking device to the owners front door.

This BMW 530d M-Sport in Grey was taken in the early hours of 10th October, registration: R1 NKX. The owners neighbours also had a BMW 530d M-Sport in Grey stolen, registration: AO14 WRJ. Do you recognise these criminals? Names, addresses, telephone numbers or any other helpful information. Both cars were taken from London N14.

Like many new cars, both are equipped with ‘Comfort Access’ know as passive entry. The entry system means you can open the car without using the key fob, the key has to be near to the car in order to start the car, they key has to be inside the car. In this case the owners are reporting both key fobs were kept well away from the car and inside the house. They weren’t left by the front door.

If you have any information we urge you to contact the police or crime stoppers quoting the car registration plates details. Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111

Video shared publicly by Amit Halai on Facebook.

How Car Thieve Use A Car Hacking Device

HACK 1 (Remote entry with turn key starting).

Your car key fob literally emits billions of code variations, thieves don’t really stand a chance of guessing the right code for your particular vehicle right? Well by intercepting the signal only twice could narrow down the code from billions to 200,000. This is then left to a standard computer running a program which will hack the code in only 30 minutes.

A thief will sit on a street and gather wireless signals as people enter their cars and run the hack program, gaining entry to the vehicles. The odds are still pretty low, as you would need a skilled thief with the right IT skills.  Thieves then use various ways to start the car by-passing the immobiliser chip located within the key. Vehicle diagnostic ports inside the car are often the target to hack the car. The port is normally used by service centres to diagnose issues your car.


Wireless key fobs constantly emit the code to enable the vehicle to be started and driven once it’s within a permitted range. This is know as active RFID technology and is used in many places, most commonly in passive form on security "no go" tags in shops or parcel tracking through a parcel network. Basically as your key gets near your car the car and key start to talk to each other.

The criminals for under £100 can purchase an amplifier which picks up and then re-transmits your key fobs signal, enabling them to get in your vehicle and drive away whilst your key fob is sat safely in your own home! Your car thinks the keys are on board as if you were in it!

The cars allegedly susceptible to keyless car hacks are:

Alfa Romeo - Giulia (4/2016)
Audi- Q2, A3, A4, A4 Avant, A5, A6, A6 Allroad, R8, SQ7, TTS
BMW- 225xe, 318i, 318d, 520d, 640d, 730d, 740, 740d, X1, X1 SDrive 18d
Citroen - DS4 CrossBack, C3 Pure Tech, C4 Picasso, C4 Picasso HDI, Spacetourer
Fiat - 124 Spider
Ford - Eco-Sport, Edge, Focus RS, Galaxy. Mustang, S-Max
Honda - HR-V
Hyundai - i10, i30, i30 1.4 T-GDI, iX35 Fuel Cell,  i40, Santa Fe,
Infiniti - Q30
Jaguar - F-PaceKia - Niro Hybrid, Optima (11/2015), Optima (8/2016)Optima Plugin-Hybrid (10/2016)Land Rover - Discovery, Range Rover Evoque
Lexus - RX450h
Mazda - CX 5, 3 Skyactive
Mercedes - E220d, E220d T-Modell
Mini - Clubman, Cooper S Cabriolet
Mitsubishi - Outlander (5/2016), Outlander  (12/2013), Space Star
Nissan - Leaf (5/2012), Leaf (5/2016), Navara, Qashqai (02/2016), Qashqai+2 (11/2013)
Opel - Ampera, Astra

Peugeot - 508w, 3008
Renault - Captur, Clio, Kadjar, Megane, Megane Grandtour, Scenic, Talisman. Talisman Grandtour, Traffic,
Seat - Ateca
Skoda - Kodiaq, Octavia (12/2015) Octavia (2/12016), Superb 1.6TDi
Ssangyong - Tivoli XDi
Suzuki - SX4 S-Cross, Baleno, Vitara
Subaru -  Levorg
Tesla - Model S P85
Toyota - C-HR 1.8 Hybrid, Mirai, Prius, Prius 1.8 Hybrid, RAV4, Verso
Volvo - V40, S90, S90 D5, V90 D5, XC90 T8
Volkswagen - Golf 7 GTD (10/2013), Golf 7 GTD (12/2016), Passat GTE, Tiguan (3/2016), Tiguan (7/2016)

If your car isn't on this list it still may be at risk from a car hacking device.

How to STOP Thieves Stealing Your Car With a Car Hacking Device.

Here are several ways that may help stop the criminals obtaining your key fobs unique code and driving off in your pride and joy.

When you’re at home you could put your keys in one of the following places to help prevent the signal being scanned by a thief who could be lurking outside your property.

  • Inside your fridge or freezer (Put them in a sealed container, not ideal as a temperature drop will kill the battery life).
  • Microwave oven (don’t forget it’s in there and DON’T turn it on, remove the plug from the wall)
  • Place it in aluminium foil, (effective but not practical)
  • A metal biscuit tin or container, (not fool proof and some keys will still broadcast through thin tins depending on the material, try it, put the a key in it and walk up to your car and back several times, if it stays locked you should be fine).
  • Get an RFID Blocking key pouch or safe.  They are easy to get and cheaper than you think. We found some on eBay HERE or Amazon HERE.  They also have the added function of working while your out and about as they fit nearly in your pocket or handbag.

By far the best method a preventing these hacks is you TURN OFF Keyless/Passive entry on your vehicle which means the key fob must be physically pressed to open the car.  This may not prevent the car being broken into, but will certainly deter or slow them down.

Dont' be a victim of crime, prevent these using a car hacking device to steal your property.