Tesla Extends Referral Program to Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Extends Referral Program to Tesla Solar Roof products. The Tesla referral program has been great to new and current Tesla owners, but it just got better with the expansion of the program to new Tesla Solar Roof installations.

The information below has been updated in this new article HERE

The Current Referral Program is as Follows.

Model S and Model X: Free Unlimited Supercharging, Owners can give five friends free, unlimited Supercharging with the purchase of a new Model S or Model X. Referral orders placed before October 31, 2017 will also receive a $1,000/€1000/£750 purchase credit. Referral orders placed after October 31st, 2017 will still receive free unlimited Supercharging, but not the purchase credit.

Here is our referral code so please order today. http://ts.la/nigel5844 or simply quote nigel5844 to a Tesla sales person or product specialist.

Tesla Discount

Tesla Owners can now give up to 5 Friends the following :-

Tesla Solar Roof: 5-Year Extended Limited Warranty

Owners can give five friends a 5-year extended limited warranty on a new solar energy system installation, and will be eligible to receive referral awards.

This Solar roof referral option only seems to be showing on the USA Tesla Site, not on the UK site. We'd love for anyone ordering Solar Roof to benefit. So please use our referral code and get a 5-Year Extended Limited Warranty on your Tesla Solar roof installation. So please quote code nigel5844 when ordering.

Running A Tesla Model S or Model X without Solar

If you're in the UK and looking for the best way to charge a Tesla without costing a packet. Try BULB or OVO Energy.  BULB offer £50 for signing up in the form of a credit on your account, and once complete they will pay your exit fees from your old supplier.  You can refer people for a £50 reward per switcher too, again in the form of an account credit.

OVO Energy offer a Tariff called EV Everywhere, it's designed to keep you moving and includes two years membership of Polar Plus worth a £188.  We have gone with BULB, We've already beaten the offering from OVO Energy's EV Everywhere tariff, however you'll need to do the maths for your usage.

About Tesla

Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric saloon and the Model X electric SUV, and now the Model 3, a premium EV. Tesla also produces a line of commercial and residential battery products and Tesla solar roof tiles.

Motoingdeals.co.uk has no affiliation or business agreement with Tesla or related companies. Find out the latest from the referral program here.


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