Tesla Owners Ideal Christmas Gifts

Tesla Christmas Jumpers and gifts Tesla Model S Model X

Looking for the perfect gift for a Tesla owner this Christmas? We have a range of ideal Christmas presents ideal for the big Tesla fan in your life. A Model S and Model X owners loves their cutting edge technological car, they will look after it like their first-born child, and what better way to show them you love or care about them than getting something for their motor.

Top 10 Gifts for A Tesla Owner this Christmas.

    1. A Tesla Christmas Jumper.

      Available with all three current Models, S 3 and X, these Tesla inspire Christmas Hoodies also come in T-shirts and Sweaters, perfect to wear over the festive period.  The vehicles are displayed in a variety of colours and you can also select the garment colour to suit.  They are available for a limited time only to Europe and the USA.
      Check out the collection online at Teespring.

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    2. A Car Wash Water Filter

      Most car owners speed time looking after their car, and there is no better way to protect the paintwork during washing than with a pure water car wash water filter. These filters removed dissolved deposits from the water meaning the car can be left to dry naturally with no leather or cloth drying required, meaning the risk of swirl marks is reduced.
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    3. A Dash Camera

      A Dash cam is simply there to record an incident should it occur, protecting your no claims bonus and proving fault all at the same time.  In our shop we have a range of Blackvue Dash Cam's suitable for any car, such are the market leading DR750s-2CH
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    4. Anti Theft Protection

      Protect that car from scan and grab attacks with a RF blocking key pouch to store the keys to the pride and joy when not in use.  These pouches ensure that your car key can't have it's signal amplified and relayed to your car while you sleep. Thieve don't even need to enter your home. These are now stealing more cars using this method.
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    5. Key Protection

      The Tesla Key has amazing styling but is prone to scratches and wear through use, so why not treat that key to a like protector or holder and make it unique.
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    6. Custom Trim

      Thanks to TopFit you can now customise most of your car with trim bits.  These switch covers will lift the appearance or the door switches in a perfect bit of custom styling.
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    7.  Tidy That Cable

      Tidy up the drive or charging area with this Cable organiser design for the Tesla Wall Connect.
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    8. Tesla Parking Only

      Just for fun, this ideal gift comes in the form of a Model S Parking sign. Be it a work or at home, let others know that space is a Tesla Only parking Zone
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    9. Pedal Sets

      What about a set of racing style pedals, for the Model X or S, These are very popular among UK owners, so do check he or she hasn't already snapped up a pair of go faster style pedals.
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    10.  Tesla Owners Group Membership.

      Membership to the Official Owners Group UK - Available Here, you'll need the last digits of the cars VIN to join as it's strictly owners only. They'll get a welcome pack and possibly two Jaffa cakes.

    Below is a range of other accessories that are available from Amazon, Tesla are still to launch a UK accessory shop so owners will often look to Amazon and eBay for their gadget fix, so it's an ideal place to look for gifts.
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