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Welcome to the Tesla Owners Club UK Midlands Facebook Group directory and resource page. A simple list of services and links available to Tesla owners and members. Some of the links below are companies ran by Tesla owners, others are affiliate links that generate money for local club meet-ups. (see bottom of page for further details).

Tesla Owners Club UK Midlands Directory

[hr]Tesla Supercharger Access Codes

Keele, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffs, ST5 5HG - Service Road Code 3500
Newport Pagnell Services (Charger is on south bound services), Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 8DS - Use button to speak to hotel staff that will grant access.

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[sta_anchor id="A"]Airport Parking

[sta_anchor id="B"]Body Work Repairs

Break Down Cover

[sta_anchor id="C"]Car Check / Car Data Check

Car Hire

Car Finance

Car Parts


Charger Installers

Charging Apps.

Open this page on your device to download the apps.

Charging Cable Solutions

Charging Networks and Apps

[sta_anchor id="D"]Dash Cameras

Delivery Check List

Diecast Model

Driving Experiences.

[sta_anchor id="E"]Emergency Information

Energy Suppliers

[sta_anchor id="F"]Firmware Tracker

Fun Stuff

[sta_anchor id="G"]Gap Insurance.

[sta_anchor id="H"]Hotels.

Booking a Hotel for work or pleasure can bring the Midlands group a small bonus in funding.

[sta_anchor id="I"]Insurance.

[sta_anchor id="K"]KeyFob Protection.

[sta_anchor id="L"]

[sta_anchor id="P"]Paint and Paint Protection

[sta_anchor id="R"]Route Planning

[sta_anchor id="S"]Selling Your Old Car

[sta_anchor id="T"]Tesla Adventures YouTube Channel

Tesla's For Sale.

Tesla Tray



Tyre Repair

[sta_anchor id="V"]VIN Recall Search

[sta_anchor id="W"]Warranty

Washing Your Tesla At Home

Wiper Blades

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Disclaimer and info.

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Links on this page will generate funds for the Tesla Owners Club UK Midlands meetings to provide refreshments and such like as the group feel fit. If you would like to see an audit of any revenue tracked from this page please email use via the email address on the Facebook page.

*Ran by A Tesla Owner
**Affiliated Links Funding Local Meet Ups. Only TEXT links in the white background part of this page will generate revenue for the club. Banner Links and link found elsewhere on www.motoringdeals.co.uk or third part sites will not.