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Tesla Discount Offer

Tesla Discount offers Supercharger network

The Tesla Discount that comes in the form of unlimited* free power from Tesla's supercharger network is coming to an end.

Since this article was published Tesla have updated the referral scheme and details can be found here.

If you're sat on the fence about ordering a new Tesla Model S or Model X then you'll need to act fast if you want you're brand new vehicle to benefit from free access to the supercharging network. January 31st is the last date to place an order using a referral code from a Tesla owner to get what is free fuel for your car. When was the last time Merc or BMW offered you free fuel for the length of ownership of your car? Has that EVER happened?

If I Miss It Can I Still Use A Supercharger?

Don't worry if you miss the deadline, you can still use the Supercharger network, but you'll have to pay for the service.  Every Model S or Model X has a limited annual allowance. From the Tesla website, this is what you get, "Each year, owners receive 400 kWh of free Supercharger credit, enough to drive about 1,000 miles. These credits cover the long distance driving needs of most owners, so road trips can be completely free. Customers who travel beyond the annual credit pay a small fee to Supercharge—only a fraction of the cost of fuel."  

What's The Cost After 400kWh?

Electric Car Superchargers
A Tesla Supercharger.

In the UK, Tesla will invoice your account at £ 0.20 per kWh, so 400kWh (like the example above) is going to cost £80, that's still a massive saving on Petrol or Diesel mile for mile.

Can I Only Use UK Superchargers?

No, owners can use ALL Superchargers in the network, so that means you can drive across in to Europe and use the Superchargers there too, this is because the EU models in the Tesla range use the same Type 2 connector, therefore they are fully compatible.

Can I Use Other Charging networks

Yes, other networks charge your vehicle at slower rates and and costs vary from network to network.  However at this time non are included in your charging allowance and rate are much slower than a Supercharger.  Tesla also have another network of what's know as destination chargers that can be found at gyms, hotels and other such venues. These are typically free to use while using the facilities.

So Just How Fast Is Supercharging?

A supercharger is capable of charging a Model S in about the same time as it would take you to pop in to a motorway services, use the facilities and grab a coffee. It's that quick, and a full battery is more than enough for two or more hours driving. A Tesla can charge to 100% from virtually empty in less than one hour on a supercharger, but typical times are 20-40 minutes depending on the battery level on arrival.

Can Other Makes of Car Use A Tesla Supercharger?

We have recently heard of some German car manufacture dealerships staff telling potential customers that they can use a Tesla Supercharger. Sadly this is untrue and could be conceived as miss selling a product, but that's a whole other story. To Put it simply, when you plug in a car in to a Supercharger a "handshake" takes place between the vehicle and Supercharger.  That handshake recognises the Tesla vehicle and it's Supercharge access status, and when it's approved by the charger network it turns on the Supercharger,  this all happens almost instantly and is unnoticeable by the user.  This prevents non Tesla models from charging at a Tesla Supercharger.  The plug might fit, but noting will happen.  In fact any other brand plugged into a Supercharger could potentially get damaged buy incorrect voltages and communications protocols.

How Do I Get The Free Supercharging Tesla Discount Offer?

To get free supercharging on your new or inventory Model S or Model X simply follow THIS LINK, It will take you to the Tesla referral page where you can sign up for a mytesla account and play around with the configuration on a factory build or look to a new Inventory model they have in stock. Second hand vehicles don't count.  Your order must be placed by no later than 31st January 2018 to qualify, you then have a further two weeks to play with the design of your car if ordering a factory build.

Can I Order In The Showroom?

Yes simply quote the discount referral code "nigel5844" to a member of staff, they will add the code for you. You'll still need to sign up for a mytesla account in store, you can get started now online, remember you're not committed until you pay the deposit.

Order Now and you could be driving a nice new 18 plate Model S Or Model X in no time, there are also usually some very attractive APR rates for finance, much lower than other cars in the same class.

What About The Model 3

The Model 3 is not due on the UK roads until late 2019 in RHD form, there is already a massive UK pre-order list, sadly the Model 3 won't have free Supercharger access according to the latest spec.

*Tesla operates a far usage policy and the Supercharger network can not be abused, so this means using your Tesla as a Taxi service would mean that it would not benefit from Free supercharging.

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