Tesla Discount Code 2018 | Save Money On A Tesla

Tesla Discount Voucher Discount Code Model S Model X

Get A Tesla Approved Discount Code For Your New Tesla Model S or Model X For Free Supercharging.

This article is now out dated. Latest Information can be found here.

Get a brand new Tesla Model S Or Model X with Free Supercharging.

Where Does The Tesla Discount Code Come From? (Expired 31st Oct 2017)

The $1000 / £750 or €1000 Tesla discount code is offered by Tesla to all customers world-wide as part of the referral program. The discount is in your local currency. The Tesla website will notify you of the discount once you click the link to apply the discount. You must place the order before  31st October 2017 to quality for the discount, but you can STILL get Free Supercharging which is basically free fuel for your New Tesla.

Can I still get a Tesla Discount?

YES, but not on the invoice value. Orders placed after 31st October 2017 will have free Supercharging as part of the order. This is equivalent to free fuel at Tesla Supercharger locations and the discount is only limited to the number of times you use the Supercharger network.

This discount is part of the Tesla referral program where they offer incentive purchases for both existing owners and new customers as one of their main promotion and marketing drives.

Why Use Our Discount Code Rather Than Anyone Else's?

While I am suggesting you do use my Tesla Motors referral code, there is no difference to anyone else's code. Please remember anyone offering you more incentives to use their referral code could be breaking to referral program rules and could endanger your discount and everyone eases.

There are many owners out there who are supporting Tesla and wish to help promote them in the future. Tesla owners are a great and loyal community, they share advice and assistance on how to get the best from our cutting edge electric vehicles and it is a great idea to share the referral codes as well as advice and help.

If you can't yet afford a new Model S and would like to buy a used Tesla, then check out our Tesla For Sale page listing cars such as a 2015 Model S P85D to a 2017 Model X.

Where do I go to get the discount?

Easy, click on the link below or hand the code nigel5844 to a Tesla sales person at your local showroom or gallery.

1). I’m not in the UK will this discount code work elsewhere?

Yes, click our link and it will ask for your location. Depending on your location offers may vary, for example in north america the discount code will get you an extended warranty on solar roof.

2). Will a new referral scheme bring back the discount once this offer has ended?

Sadly that is in the hands of Tesla and only they know that information, in the past they have paused it.

3). How far can a Tesla really travel on a full charge?

Like any car the answer to that question is a combination of how heavy footed you are on the "go" pedal and how big your fuel tank is.  In the case of a Tesla, the "fuel tank" is the battery. Our Tesla Model S 60D can do around 200 miles on one charge. A Model S 100D can do around 400 miles. That's where superchargers come in,  they can charge your car in the same time it takes to drink a coffee and have a comfort break at a services.

4). I can't afford a Model S, can I get one cheaper?

Tesla have three types of stock, the first is a custom order which isn't really stock (and the most expensive way to buy). Then second are inventory vehicles that they have on hand including what are called "showroom" models then there is the third which are called certified pre-owned (or CPO).

Inventory stock of the Model S has been seen reduced by as much at 30% in recent months, and you can still use this code to get the free Supercharging. Pre-owned vehicles are like normal second-hand cars, but may or may not have free supercharging included.

5). I've seen a Model S or Model X I'd like in Inventory stock, how do I claim the free Supercharging.

Call them and speak to a product specialist or sales person, and tell them which inventory car you would like to buy. Give them the referral code "nigel5844" and they will take it from there and probably check other cars in your country that may not be in the website yet.

6). Can I really get 7 people in a Model S?

Yes, well two people need to be children below 135cm tall and the Model S will  need to be factory fitted with the third row of seats in the boot. These are rear facing seats, our kids love them. If your children are getting near the 110cm mark and you need space for 6 or 7 people then try the Model X for size.

7). Can I get at UK Government Grant for buying an Electric Car?

Yes! is the short answer, the longer answer is the grant is already taken off the price on the Tesla website, but it's worth a massive £4500. The grant is known as the OLEV scheme and you can read more here. (Not all electric or hybrid vehicles are eligible for a grant - only vehicles that have been approved by the government.) The good news is that the Model X and Model S are on the list.

8). What If I run out of power?

Like any car if you run out of fuel it will stop, but with the amount of superchargers, destination chargers and third-party chargers out there it's really not an issue for most people,  sure long journeys take a bit of planning, but as they say, there's an app for that.  Unlike conventional cars you start the day with a fully charged battery or full tank everyday as you will no doubt have a charger installed at your home. No more smelly dirty diesel pumps.

9). How much will it cost to charge the car?

Well we used to spend £80 a month on petrol, but our electric bill has only gone up by £30! for our use its £1 a day on our charger.  Charging at night on economy 7 with a supplier such as Bulb is really cheap.

10). Will I like the Tesla Model S or Model X

Probably, it's certainly the quickest car we have ever owned. it's also almost silent when moving even at speed.  No more talking over a noisy Diesel.

Go directly to the Tesla Website and claim your free Supercharging or Extended Warranty on Solar Roof Products.