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Tesla Discount At The Showroom

The Tesla discount now comes in the form of free Supercharging as the cash discount offer has now ended, and we have no indication or confirmed information that the discount offer will return now or in 2018.

Tesla Discount Referrals

Click HERE to get Free Supercharging (Discount offer Ended 31st Oct 2017). Visit the Design Studio and spec your Model S or Model X.  The design studio lets you choose the colours and option for your new car, and with the cars being so high tech to start with there are not many options to choose from.  Realistically you're going to choose the Colour, Wheels, Interior Colour, Roof Design and which level of auto pilot to have, and then the big one,  which size battery pack to have. If you really want to go all out the Model S P100D is the model to have. Prices start at around £58,000 after incentives to around £136,000 for a fully loaded Model S or £143000 for a Model X. Which one will you be driving home soon?

About Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors designs and manufactures the Model S electric saloon and the Model X electric SUV, and now the Model 3, a premium EV. They also produces a line of commercial and residential battery products know as the Powerwall and solar roof tiles. They also manufactured the famous Roadster.

If you are looking for a cheaper Model S or Model X then check out our second hand listings page HERE.

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Last updated: January 23, 2018 at 17:01 pm