Tesla App Now Allows Siri Commands Model X and S

Tesla App Siri Commands Model X

Tesla has quietly rolled out Siri integration for the Tesla App.  There seems to be no official resource to list what commands work with siri, but here is the list we have so far.

Tesla App Siri Commands For Model X and Model S

  1. Hey Siri, What is my cars state of charge / Hey Siri, What is the battery level of my car?
  2. Hey Siri, activate my cars audible signals (same as honk the horn)
  3. Hey Siri, Unlock my car
  4. Hey Siri, Lock my car
  5. Hey Siri, Is my car locked
  6. Hey Siri, Honk The Car Horn
  7. Hey Siri, Flash The Lights on my car
  8. How far can I drive my car on the current charge?

Unverified, Hey Siri, I like to boogie starts the model X Dance.  Here is a Video of it in action.

Siri will need to be enabled for the app, which can be done as follows, Settings>Tesla>Search & Siri you have Use With Siri enabled. You will also need app version 3.2.1 version or higher.

We also know that Siri can control TWO Vehicles from the App interface.

If you are interested in learning more then here are the commands on the Apple developers kit site.

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