Tesla Adventures Dash Cam Set Up

Tesla Adventures Dash Cam Set Up

The Tesla Adventures dash cam set up is probably a bit over the top, but when we go into the reasons for each component, you might think,  well actually is it really?

Firstly The Dash Cam.

BlackVue DR650S-2CH

We had a front and rear dash cam professionally installed into our Tesla for two reasons,

  1. The installer is Tesla Approved and would not invalidate the warranty.
  2. Due to the airbags within the car it is important that the cable is routed correctly as to not interfere with the airbags should they need to deploy in the event of an accident.

Secondly, Power!

Powering a dash cam can be done via the cars 12v lighter socket, but for a neater install you can power them directly from a cars wiring loom in the same way a conventional car radio is powered with a switched live set up, In the Tesla, it's slightly different.  You can power a dash cam via the OBD port or power coming from the loom via a Power Magic Pro both methods enable the dash cam(s) to keep running when the car is parked.  The Power Magic Pro  can be set to stay on at several time intervals after powering off the car.  thus enabling park mode the dash cam to run.  If the cars battery should run low, a cut off voltage can be set to preserve the battery, so the dash cam won't leave to calling the break down services.

Thirdly, Over kill

BlackVue B-112 Power Magic

We then added a second power back up, not because we needed it, but because we wanted to use more of the dash cams features,  you see the BLACKVUE DR650S-2CH comes with Cloud connectivity, and to use that you need an internet connection, (we'll come back to that in a moment).  So we installed a Blackvue B-112 Power Magic 3000mAh battery back up which has two USB ports to power other devices.  It power a single dash cam for up to 12 hours after power is turned off by the Power Magic Pro. Why did we need the Blackvue B-112 Power Magic 3000mAh battery pack you might ask.  Well we needed a convenient way to power our USB Hotspot in the form of a Huawei 4G Pocket Hotspot Plus from 02 or Amazon.  This hotspot plugs directly into the Blackvue B-112 Power Magic 3000mAh via a USB.  Job done, and the second USB port is then used to charge the our phone on the brodit proclip mounted on the dashboard.  this now means we can power the dash cam, hot spot and mobile from the car on a protected power source, leaving no wires all over the car.

Here is some footage we have captured on our very own dash cam

And Finally.

Case Type BTC-1B

We decided to add a larger memory card to the camera, so more recordings could be saved, we source this form amazon in the form of a SanDisk Ultra 128 GB MicroSDXC UHS-I Memory card and and also a locking device so the camera can be unplugged or moved. Blackvue have a product specifically for theDR650S-2CH called a BlackVue BTC-1A Car Tamper Proof Locking Mount for DR650S DR650GW & DR550GW  this comes in two parts and clamps over the dash cam covering the wires and buttons.

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