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Tesla Model S/X Jack Pad Adaptor Tool

Tesla Model S Model X Jack Pad Adaptor Tool Tesla Model S Model X Jack Pad Adapter Tool Model S/X

EV Accessories Ltd have launched a Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X Jack Pad Adaptor Tool. A brand new innovative jack pad adaptor tool. One that allows the safe jacking of a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X.

This jack pad is designed to reduce the risk of damaging a Tesla battery pack while using a trolley jack. The all new jack pad is produced from 6082 aluminium for high strength and it's made to measure design and is compatible with Large or Small Trolley Jack Saddles.

The EV Accessories jack pad tool for the Tesla Model S and Model X chassis takes the guess work out of positioning a trolley jack under the lifting points. A 3 post design precisely locates the tool on to the jack point. The tool provides clearance between to the sill as well as the battery.

The tool inserts into the Model S/X lifting points and stays in position, without the need for magnets, once complete, simply remove the tool and store for next time.

A Jack Pad Adaptor Tool For The Model S/X.

This jack pad adaptor tool is manufactured for the Model S and Model X. This is to ensure that your jack only applies pressure to the vehicles jacking position. The adaptor tool enables your trolley jack saddle to maintain a safe clearance from the battery pack. The battery is located in the cars floor pan, it's one of the single most expensive components on a Tesla.

Available at just £55 this high grade tool will last. It it can be used on both the S and X. If you swap your S for an X or vise versa, then you can continue to use the same tool.

Grab one today from EV Accessories here