Winter Car Safety Motoring Kit


6 piece winter car safety kit packs everything you need to survive a winter breakdown in the cold

.Winter Preparation An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure, and that has never been truer than with motor vehicle safety in winter. This kit could mean the difference between a warm comfortable wait and unfortunate demise. Winter weather is unforgiving and requires quick action as well as preparation. This winter car safety motoring kit provides you with the tools you need to keep you and your family safe in the unfortunate event of a winter car breakdown or accident. Safety Vest Ultra-bright, this yellow, reflective safety vest is designed to be seen. Being the darkest time of the year, winter is an extra dangerous time to have a motor breakdown. This high visibility vest will ensure that other vehicle drivers will be able to see you, and avoid hitting you. You'll also be able to tell your road service rescuers how to find you. They'll be able to spot your high visibility vest from a distance and find you much easier that way. Foil Blanket It's no secret that winter is cold. If you have a motor vehicle accident or a breakdown where your engine cuts out and won't run, you'll be in immediate danger of exposure to the elements. Hypothermia can come on quickly and unexpectedly. Simply keep yourself warm with this foil space blanket. Reflecting your own body heat back at you, this Mylar blanket will keep you warm until help arrives. Gloves, Shovel, Torch, and Bag To round out this winter safety kit there are highly visible white gloves to help you be seen if you need to be outside of your car. The convenient foldable shovel fits neatly into your trunk, yet opens up to do some heavy duty work for you. The high intensity torch ensure that you'll be able to see whatever you shine the light on. The winter safety kit bag keeps everything together in your boot ready to go when you need it most.


  • Winter Safety - 6 piece winter car safety kit packs everything you need to survive a winter breakdown in the cold, snow, and ice.
  • High Visibility Vest - Ensure that you'll be seen at the side of the road in the dark of the night. This high visibility vest allows other drivers to see you clearly in the dark and inclement weather conditions.
  • Emergency Foil - Blanket Also known as a space blanket, this foil blanket will keep you warm until help gets to you. If for any reason you can't run the heat in your car, you won't get cold wrapped up in this Mylar blanket.
  • Snow Shovel - Compact and foldable, this snow shovel packs a lot of punch without taking up a ton of space in your car's trunk. Simply unfold and shovel to dig yourself out of a snowy embankment.
  • Gloves- Please note colours ans style may vary, Torch, Bag - Highly visible white gloves, a bright beam torch, and the kit bag complete this winter safety set.

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