Topfit Tesla Model X Silicone Key Fob Cover

£18.99 £10.99


You're looking at the snuggest, cutest key case for your Tesla Model X.
Our patent-pending design is made from the best silicone, which has a smooth, silky feel (not that annoying 'grippy' kind). Not only do these offer excellent protection for your $270+ Model X Key, but they also feature embossed buttons on the top surface to help you find the various key functions. And, we didn't just use a generic car image, we designed our own embossed Model X, looking as amazing as ever, even as a tiny, rubbery embossing!
Love your Tesla Model X, give her best key ring/cover/case.


  • 100%Completely custom fit for your Tesla Model X key
  • Eco-friendly material,very high quality non-grippy silicone
  • Embrossed, so you can easy know which button where is
  • Many color options to match your car, and you can use different color
  • Offers great protection, even from drop of water - the battery compartment is completely enclosed


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