TESLA Model S RHD Fully Tailored Beige Carpet Car Mat Set



Rhino car mats are a fully tailored set, designed to perfectly fit into your car's foot wells, enhancing the look of your car interior, while protecting the original carpets and helping to reduce road noise. These car mats have an overall thickness of 4mm with 3mm of velour pile carpet and a pile weight of 650 grams per metre square. All the mats have an anti-slip backing, which helps to prevent any unwanted movement and the driver's side mat has a reinforced heel pad for extended durability


  • Overall thickness 4mm (3mm velour pile carpet)
  • Tailor made for a perfect fit of your car foot well area
  • Made of velour pile carpet with a pile weight of 650g/m2*
  • Cloth binding to give a neat finish. Reinforced heel pad on the driver side for extended durability
  • Anti-slip backing to help prevent unwanted movement. Set of four mats


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