Ring RAC600 Digital Tyre Inflator, 12V Air Compressor Tyre



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  • **AMAZON EXCLUSIVE** Only available to Amazon customers - exclusive for you. RAC600 is a proven performer - check out the reviews.
  • FAST INFLATION - BEATS COMPETITION. Faster than other models - the RAC600 can inflate a 13" tyre to 35PSI in UNDER 3.5 MINUTES.
  • EASY TO USE. Guarantee accuracy with the autostop feature. Preset the pressure you need for your tyre, press start, and the inflator will automatically stop at the correct pressure.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Comes with storage case, LED light (with three settings - bright white for illumination, flashing white for attention and flashing red for SOS) and valve adaptors for inflator bike tyres and balls.
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE. Watch the video to see the RAC600 in action, and scroll down for more information on this popular inflator. 2500+ reviewers can't be wrong!

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Weight 10 kg


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