New Universal Car Van Vehicle Emergency Breakdown Winter Safety Kit



Here's The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Be Prepared For Any Roadside Emergency!

Looking for a budget-friendly and comprehensive car emergency kit?

Need a practical and reliable car safety tool set for the winter?

Presenting The Ultimate 8-In-1 Emergency Car Kit By Family Motoring & Leisure!

Whether you live in Essex, Lancashire, London or the Highlands, you must always be prepared in case of a winter car emergency. But trying to find ergonomic and durable car safety accessories can be both time-consuming and expensive.

That's why we have collected all your must-have emergency car tools in a compact and comprehensive set!

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Can you really risk your family's safety? With our all-in-one universal emergency car kit you can rest assured that you're prepared for any roadside emergency.

Our All-Inclusive Emergency Car Kit Includes:

• 1 x High-Visibility Vest -comfortable and adjustable for all men and women

• 1 x Budget Warning Triangle -easy to set-up and weather-proof warning sing

• 1 x Dynamo LED Flashlight -the impressive beam is perfect for low visibility

• 1 x Double Barrel Foot Pump -sturdy and durable for repairs on-the-go

• 1 x Ice Scraper -clean your windows effortlessly

• 1 x 2.000kg Emergency Tow Rope -heavy-duty rope for any roadside emergency

• 1 x Pair Of Jump Leads -jump start your car in case of a breakdown

• 1 x Empty Kit Bag -multi-functional storage solution

All these must-have accessories are neatly organized in a robust and space-saving travel bag, ready to be placed in the boot of your car, taxi, SUV or van!

What Are You Waiting For? Make Sure You're Always Prepared!

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  • YOUR PEACE OF MIND IS JUST A CAR SAFETY KIT AWAY!-If you want to be prepared for any roadside emergency, then youdefinitely need the Family Motoring & Leisure universalcar emergency tool kit. Now you can face any road emergency and rest assuredthat you are safe and secure with the 8 different must-have tools. Covering almost all common motoring emergencies, this comprehensivecar kit may prove to be a life-saver at your time of need.
  • THE ALL-INCLUSIVE UNIVERSAL CAR EMERGENCY SET!-Our all-in-one vehicleemergency kit includes 8 sturdy and necessaryaccessoriesfor any road emergency.You will finda tow rope, a dynamo LED torch, a warning triangle, a high-vis vest, jump leads and ice scraperand a double barrelfoot pump. Make sure that you're alwaysprepared for any winter car emergency and start your next road trip with confidence by choosing this comprehensive set!
  • WINTER IS COMING, SO YOU MUST BE PREPARED!-The Family Motoring & Leisure car preparedness kit is idealfor all drivers, both beginners and experienced. Its universaldesign makes it perfect for all vehicles, including commercial cars, vans, SUV's, taxis and trucks. And the best part? This compact and space-saving car emergency kit comes in a handy travel bag, which will fit in your boot withouttaking up much space.
  • KEEP ALL YOUR LOVED ONES SAFE ON THE ROAD!-Looking for the perfect gift for your son or daughterwho has just bought a new car? Has your grandson or granddaughterjustpassed the driving test? Surprise them with theFamily Motoring & Leisure all-in-one car emergency kit and make sure they are prepared and safe during any roadside emergency. Our comprehensiveEuropean universalcar safetyset includes everything they might need!
  • 100% SAFETY OR YOUR MONEYBACK!-You can try our essential motoring emergencykit for 30 days absolutely risk-free. If by that time you are not 100% satisfied, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund. Can you really afford to miss out on this opportunity? And the best part? If you order your Family Motoring & Leisure car emergency kit now, we will make sure that you'll have it by tomorrow!

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