Millaissolutions Car Detailing Valeters Wash and Rinse Two

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Prevent swirl marks with our Two Bucket Wash and Rinse Bucket System Kit Two Colour coded 20 litre heavy duty buckets, one for Washing , one for Rinsing , both supplied with Scratch Shield Grit Guards will help prevent swirl marks inflicted during the washing process, when small particles of dirt and debris can get rubbed across the surface of the paintwork. Whether washing or rinsing, each time you dunk your wash mitt into the bucket , rub it against the grit guard. This will help remove the dirt and leave it safely at the bottom of the bucket. Supplied with two colour coded wash mitts and a superb quality drying towel, which has long pile one side for absorbing the maximum amount of water, and short pile one side for detailing and finishing (size: 60x90cms) The wash and rinse buckets have 360deg visible colour coding, so you don't have to be in front of the bucket to see which is which. The lids also have colour coding. The Scratch Shield grit guards have adjustable legs to ensure a snug fit in the buckets


  • Colour coded 20 litre buckets
  • One for Wash, One for Rinse
  • 360 deg colour coding identifies buckets from any angle
  • Supplied with 2 Scratch Shield Grit Guards, 2 Colour Coded Wash and Rinse Mitts and a Pro Drying Towel


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