Mengshen® RF Signal Blocker Pouch

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The cell phone RF signal blocking pouch adopts advanced nano technology, made of nanometer materials. When your phone is in the pouch, the nano blocker layer will automatically cut off radio waves, give your phone no disturbing service without shutdown. Along with diversification of life, people are having less and less leisure time. Shutting down cell phone will arouse suspicion from other people. With this pouch, you can spend your time freely without shutting down your phone.
The nano material in the pouch can disturb wave length of electromagnetic signal so as to achieve the aim of RF ablation and shielding.
Signal Intensity Attenuation: 90dB
Power Efficiency: 99.9%
Ways to test the anti-radiation function:
1. Test the electrical conductivity of the anti-radiation materials. As metal wire and silver fiber are electroconductive, the anti-radiation material has electrical conductivity too. The user can use a multimeter to test it.
2. Put the phone in the pouch and place it next to a loudspeaker which is on, then dial the phone, the noise will be eliminated or reduced, which means the pouch has good shielding effect.
3. The metal net of the pouch is made of nano material, which has good shielding effect, with the phone in the pouch, the signal from it will be eliminated or distinctly weakened, which makes other phones not able to get through it. Nothing is absolute. Individual failure test is possible, does not affect your use.
4. Reasons of failure in test:
First, the phone you use has powerful function in receiving signals.
Second, high air humidity.
Third, test place is far from base station.
The failure rate is low, but it should be mentioned here.


  • Prevent electronic information from leakage
  • Anti degaussing. The pouch can protect the data information stored in the memory card and any electronic products with storage medium in it. Anti-static, reducing disturbing influence on memory contents by electromagnetic field, preventing loss of data. Put the bank card in the pouch to prevent it from degaussing.
  • Anti electromagnetic radiation.
  • The pouch has two pockets. When the cell phone is placed in the back silver pocket, all signals will be blocked. If the phone is placed in the front pocket, the radiation from the phone will be reduced.
  • Swift response, reliable function, with the phone in the pouch for 30 seconds, all signals will be blocked.


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