Meguiar’s Swirl Remover



Of the EUR Meguiar's experts developed Wirbelkratzer, Skull effects, holograms and Polierkratzer (which are regrettably, there have been times) to the process. non-abrasive formula gently removes this Micro Wirbelkratzer, it is safe to use on all types of cookers, super easy to use and _____

_This product is suitable for both the Handverarbeitung as well as In the machine and, In two cases reached you a brilliant, kratzerfreie surface with a great shine and clear reflections.

with Swirl X after application, the surface or a Wax seal and a long-lasting protection; _____

Box contents: 1 bottle contents 12785.87 fl oz (450 ml)


  • Effortlessly removes swirl marks
  • Enhances colour and paint clarity
  • Easy to use solution to the no 1 paint problem
  • Use before waxing
  • Safe to use on clear coat surfaces

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