Meguiars G19216EU Ultimate Polish



Meguiar's Paint Polish Ultimate Polish

the last step before waxing for maximum shine &Reflexion.

rich Polituröle create a deep, rich, wet shine on the fine Lack.
eliminates Wirbelkratzer by Lackperfektionierung before waxing

contents: 13439.37 fl oz (473 ml). Item No.: 650163


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  • Rich polishing oils gives a deep, thick, wet look to your paintwork.
  • Removes fine scratches thanks to the wax contents.
  • Contents: 473 ml
  • Use: for glossy pain ONLY - do NOT use of matted or satin-effect paints. Shake well. For the best results, use in a cooler environment on a clean surface.
  • Tip: protect your brilliant finish with Meguiars Ultimate Wax. Further details can be found at:

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