Grid Lines Leather Car Organizer, Glasses Box, Drawer



Product detail
Name: special glasses box for tesla
Material: carbon fiber, flannelette lining
Handle: stainless steel ring
Size: 19 cm * 12 cm * 4.8 cm

Features: Help you to receive small things, avoid things lost.It has large capacity, wide space, good texture with concise and generous design.
Large capacity to effectively plan storage items Products exquisite workmanship, deepen thick, long life use If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us. We will do our best to assist you and making you 100% satisfaction.


  • Stainless steel ring handle: smooth round, comfortable grip
  • Flannelette lining: moisture-proof, file storage more durable
  • A drawer design : Convenient for receiving
  • Customized For Tesla Model S and Model X
  • Concise enerous and fashion Design


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