GARMIN DriveLuxe 51LMT-S EU 5″ Sat Nav – Full Europe Maps

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Top features: - Premium sat nav with maps for 49 European countries - Live services including traffic and weather with smartphone linked app - Give your loved ones peace of mind with incident notifications - Voice activated directions and hands free phone calls Premium Sat Nav This premium 5" Garmin DriveLuxe 51LMT-S EU 5" Sat Nav looks great in your car with its metal forged design and magnetic mount. The sat nav comes with Lifetime Map updates for 45 countries in Europe, plus built-in WiFi for map and software updates. More than just directions, if you're looking for something to eat, or maybe somewhere to stay overnight you can view local TripAdvisor ratings for points of interest, such as hotels and restaurants. Live services with smartphone linked app Make use of real-time information by downloading the Smartphone Link mobile app. It connects your DriveLuxe to your smartphone to give useful updates including live traffic, parking information and weather. You can also let your friends know exactly where you are with the Live Track location sharing feature. Connect your sat nav with a Garmin Smartwatch (sold separately) and you'll continue to get directions after you've left the car. It'll also direct you back to your car - so no more wandering around a crowded car park at the end of the day. Incident notifications Give your loved ones a little peace of mind by letting them know if a collision occurs near you. Your chosen contact will automatically receive a text message with a map link to where the incident happened, unless you choose the cancel the message before it sends. Voice activated directions The Garmin DriveLuxe features voice-activated navigation, so just tell it where you need to go to get the appropriate directions. Sync your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone to your Garmin sat nav to make hands-free phone calls and receive text messages straight to its display. Stay connected without taking your hands off the wheel.__________________________________________________________ Please note: Map updates may require a microSD card. What are free Lifetime Maps? Sat nav devices or smartphone apps with free Lifetime Maps allow you to download full updates of your map every year - stay up-to-date with changes to road networks, addresses and points of interest, as well as new businesses, road changes and junction alterations. Updates are released at least four times a year and apply to the map that's pre-installed on your sat nav or included with your smartphone app. Geographical coverage and features will still match the original. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i.e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content or accessories). What is free Lifetime Traffic? Lifetime Traffic is a premium real-time traffic information service that shows exactly where delays start and end so you always know the fastest route. 'Lifetime' means the period of time that the sat nav manufacturer continues to support your device with software updates, services, content or accessories. The useful life of the smartphone app means the period of time that the manufacturer continues to support the app with updates. Lifetime Traffic is included with this premium sat nav device and cannot be transferred to another sat nav device or smartphone app.

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