Electric Vehicle EV Charging station / Universal socket 32



A simple, affordable EV Charging station ideal for charging at Work or at home on all Type 1 and Type 2 with the correct cable (available in our listings) ~ Nissan Leaf and eNV200 ~ Mitsubishi Outlaner ~ Peugeot~ BMW ~ Mercedes ~ Tesla and many more - Maufactured in the UK specifically for the electrical vehicle market - Wallpod the most recognised Homecharging point the UK.


  • UK manufactured Official EV Charging Point / Type 2 Universal Mode 3 Socket
  • Compatitible with All mode 3 vehicles Nissan Leaf / BMWi / Mitsubishi Oulander / Mecedes models and many many more
  • IP65 highest outdoor weather rated EV charging product on the market / BSI tested
  • Over 40'00 of these wallpods sold globally - full support and warranty support provided
  • Fully wired / tested and ready to install including switchgear protection


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