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Car Tyre Grips

They can fitted easily to all standard alloy or steel wheels (13" - 19" Tyres) on a car, van or motor-home.

These have been designed and developed to assist drivers in problematic weather conditions. Snow drifts, unclear roads, etc.., can be negotiated to gain access to firm or cleared roads, allowing you to continue your journey. Tyre grips should be removed as soon as possible having reached cleared road-limit cleared road driving to no more than 1 mile/1.6km. They can be used with all traction control systems such as ABS, ESP, ASC, etc.

Suitable for vehicles that have a least a 8mm gap between the brake calliper and wheel rim. They can be used on all alloy wheels and steel wheels with ventilation holes of at least 3cm diameter. Wheel trims may need to be removed.WARNING: DO NOT EXCEED 15 MPH / 24 KM / H WHEN TYRE GRIPS ARE FITTED.

Fitting Instructions:

Warm up and stretch the tyre grips before fitting. Fit three grips to each of the two driven wheels. Feed the 'Notched Belt' end around the back of the tyre. Locate the 'Notched Belt' through the wheel and using the wire hook pull the end through the wheel. Bring the two ends together, feed the end of the 'Notched Belt' through one of the two slots i the 'Slotted End' - pull tight and twist 90 degrees to 'lock', ensuring 'Tread' section sits squarely over the tyre tread. Check tension and adjust as necessary. Tie back any excess 'Notched Belt' using 'Wire Twists' from the packaging.To remove the Tyre Grips repeat the instructions above in reverse.

Box Contains:

6 x Tyre Grips

1 x Wire Hook

1 x Set of Rubber Gloves

6 x Wire Twists


  • This Pack Contain 6 x Tyre Grips.
  • Please Note: The Colour Orange Is For Illustration Purposes Only!
  • Tyre Grips Can Provide Excellent Grip on Snow, Mud or Sand.
  • Can Be Fitted Easily To All Standard Alloy or Steel Wheels (13" - 19" Tyres).
  • Box Contains 6 x Tyre Grips, Wire Hook, Rubber Gloves and 6 x Wire Twists.

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