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Join Bulb and save over £200. Bulb are the #1 energy supplier on Trustpilot. 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas. With one simple energy tariff they keep it simple and low cost.

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Is it time to switch to Bulb energy and benefit from one simple low-cost energy tariff for your gas and electricity?  With Bulbs 100% green renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas they are one of growing number of "green" energy suppliers.

If you join using our link to the bulb website you will receive £50 account credit just for making the supplier switch and then you can go on to get more account credits for anyone you could recommend that joins Bulb Energy from your referral. With millions of people in the UK that's a lot of people to convince to join and get free credit with Bulb. They'll also pay any exit fees from your old supplier.

Why Join Bulb Energy?

Bulb are not one for complicated energy tariffs like the bigger suppliers. If things are not kept simple, it's harder to keep track and then it becomes harder to make changes. That's why people tend to pay too much (about £250 a year too much), but continue to stay on the same energy tariff with the same energy provider. If you haven't switched for a while, you could be one of millions of household overpaying for your electricity and gas.  They think that's a tad unfair. So they did something new....Something... simpler.

Bulb Energy offer their members one, single tariff for electricity and gas. It's one of the lowest on the market - renewable or not. When you switch, they make sure that for every unit of electricity you use, a unit is produced and put on the grid by a pollution free renewable source like Llyn Brenig Hydro in North Wales.

In addition, 10% of our gas comes from biomethane. That’s gas produced from organic matter like sewage and manure - which is then re injected onto the grid (removing the smell you'd be glad to know).

They do all this by using cutting-edge tech that keeps costs low. And by only partnering with companies that do the same, they are also making lower profits than the big competitors so pass the savings onto you.

Bulb Energy Supplier.

Grab £50 Credit From Bulb

You'll get £50 credit onto your Bulb Account when you complete the switch. More Less

Bulb Renewable Energy Tariff.

Bulb cuts through the confusion of the energy market by offering just one, variable rate renewable energy tariff to electricity only and duel fuel customers. The renewable electricity is generated from sources including hydro, wind and solar. The renewable gas is generated by taking slurry from piggeries in Oxfordshire and then anaerobically digest it to make biomethane.

No Exit Fees.

Making the switch to and from Bulb is painless. They even offer to pay your exit fees from you old supplier (see there website for details as they could change this offer).  Plus if you feel the need to leave you can rest easy that you won't be charged exit fee either.

Bulb Energy and Electric Vehicles.

Bulb energy offers a great clean renewable energy tariff so you can charge you electric vehicle without a renewable energy tariff secure in the knowledge that you are not causing the environment damage in the process. By using their economy 7 tariff you can cut the cost further by charging when electricity demand is lower.

About Bulb.

Bulb is an independent renewable duel fuel energy supplier servicing England, Scotland and Wales.  Entering the energy market in 2015, with the specific aim to offer affordable green energy via their 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable biomethane gas taiff.

The London-based energy company was founded by two former energy industry workers, to open an offer a fair energy company, with an engaged supportive community that takes centre stage.

They have an online Community, where customers can not only ask questions about their specific account, but have actual input in how the company is run. This includes everything from requesting opinions on the functionality of their website to asking to members to share customer service horror stories.

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