BlackVue DR750S-2CH 16GB Dash Cam

£349.95 £345.00

  • 2.1 Mega-Pixel Front and Rear Cameras, Front Full HD 1920x1080p @ 60 Frames Per Second (FPS), Rear 1920x1080p @ 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) front.
  • Over the Cloud ‘connected’ features.
  • Night Vision powered by SONY STARVIS.
  • On-board Wi-Fi.
  • Built-in GPS Record vehicle speed and location.

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The Blackvue DR750S 2CH is the flagship of the Pittasoft dash cam range, with high performance front and rear dash cams that features a wide 139 degree field of vision.

They also feature advanced night vision courtesy of its SONY STARVIS camera sensor and 'BlackVue Over the Cloud' compatibility - a suite of LIVE app-based features including Live View, Live Tracking, Two-Way Voice Communication and Emergency Notifications.

A dual-channel dash cam without compromise.

No need for a screen: with the free app, connect to your dash cam whenever you want.

Built-in Impact and Motion Detection.

With the DR750 2CH range you can mark important files and use parking mode to monitor your vehicle whilst parked. While driving, your BlackVue detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, it also detects movements*. Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find the relevant ones in the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS or the BlackVue App for Android and iOS.

Blackvue App and Viewer.

Easily manage your files dash cam recordings with the BlackVue App (Android and iOS) and Viewer (windows/Mac), both are completely free to download and use. These powerful apps let you change your configuration settings and browse through your videos in an intuitive way. With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi to access files and check realtime Live View for easy setup and positioning of your dash cam.

Design and Control

BlackVue DR750 2ch stealthy design incorporates easy access to useful functions.  A built in Proximity sensor: toggle audio recording ON and OFF by simply waving your hand in front of it. The sensor can also be configured to trigger Manual Event videos in the settings. Wi-Fi button: turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF (short press), reset your Wi-Fi password (hold until voice prompt, then short press) or format the microSD card (hold until voice prompt, and then hold again). All actions are confirmed by a voice prompt.

Built-in wi-Fi And GPS.

Speed: speed data will be overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the settings).
You can choose to display the speed in Kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (Mph).
Location: you can visualize the location of your vehicle in the BlackVue Viewer’s Map during video playback.

Get Connected to Your Phone

Wi-Fi lets you connect to your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also lets your dash cam connect to BlackVue Over the Cloud via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router).

High Frame Rate For Extra Image Quality

The DR750S 2-ch front-facing camera records at 60 frames per second, keeping all details sharp even in fast action. With 60fps, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30fps. That means your Dash cam can better capture details–like license plates–even in fast-moving objects.

Note 1: the higher the image quality setting, the higher the bitrate and the bigger the file size. A bigger size will increase the time necessary to transfer a video file over Wi-Fi.
Note 2: Remote Live View using BlackVue Over the Cloud is not affected by the image quality and frame rate settings.

Blackvue Over The Cloud.

Connect to your DR750S 2CH dash cam anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Over the Cloud. Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone. Back up important videos to the free Cloud storage. Play and download videos from your dash cam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere. Enjoy Two-way Voice Communication with the driver from the app through the integrated speaker and mic.

Tamper Proof Case

The optional Tamper-Proof Case is a security accessory for BlackVue DR650S Series dash cams fit the DR750 2CH and blocks physical access to the microSD card slot, and prevents unplugging the power and coaxial cables, thus highly reducing risks of data tampering.

(*) For Parking Mode recording, an external battery pack (Power Magic Battery Pack) or a hardwiring kit (Power Magic Pro) is required

DR750 2CH Box Contains.

DR750S-2CH contains , 1x Front Camera 1x Rear Camera, 1x Front Windscreen Mounting Bracket, Rear Windscreen Mounting Bracket, 12/24V Vehicle Power Cable, 6M Coaxial Cable, Double-Sided Tape for Mounting, Cable Clips (5 Included), 16GB MicroSD Card, USB MicroSD Card Adaptor, Fitting Tool, User Manual


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