2x 25KG WHITE BUCKET & LID | 50 LITRE (L) | Car Wash


Wash and Rinse car buckets system. Poor car washing techniques results in swirls in paintwork. With these buckets you will greatly reduce swirls caused by dirt that can be trapped between brush and paint. Dunk brush or sponge into rinse bucket to remove majority of dirt from brush, this will then settle underneath the grit guard, then dunk into wash bucket for clean water. Recommend to do this for every panel leaving the dirtiest parts till last eg sill, wheels and arches.


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  • - Can be used to store food products.
  • - Can be used to store bath salt products.
  • - Can be used to clean vehicles.
  • - Buy 2x Quantity for 2 Bucket Method.
  • - Grit Guard is NOT included.


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