2640-732 Karcher Wash Brush Adapter For Garden Hose



Connect & use all Karcher K Series accessories with a normal hose pipe with no need for a pressure washer! This Karcher adaptor sits inbetween your karcher pressure washer accessory & your garden hose pipe thus allowing a quick connection between them. Idea for using Karcher Pressure Washer Brushes, Sponges & many more.

Performance of some accessories is poor from mains water hose pipes. Accessories such as dirtblasters, patio cleaners & high pressure water powered accessories is not advised.

Features & Benefits
- Uses Karcher quick connect system
- Allows fitting of Karcher Pressure Washer Accessories to a Garden Hose Pipe


  • For garden hose connection
  • Water on the adapter suppressible
  • For all Kärcher brushes and washing sponges
  • Images may deviate slightly from reality.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg


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