2 x Scratch Shield Car Wash Bucket Filter Grit Guards Black



Keeps grit in the bottom of a bucket to help prevent the chance of swirlmarks being introduced during a wash. Scratch Shields measure roughly 24cm across at their widest point. The Scratch Shield is the UK version of the US Grit Guard and has one major difference - it is adjustable to fit a variety of different bucket sizes snugly, including the smaller UK builders' buckets that prove too small for the beefy Grit Guard. Once in position, it works in a similar way, helping prevent dirt particles from being picked up by the wash mitt and reducing the 'swirl' that can pick up contaminants and distribute them throughout the wash or rinse solution. Made in the UK. This listing has been created by Monster Detail. Ordering from us will guarantee fast, free delivery and excellent customer service as standard.


  • Helps prevent scratches, by creating a protective 'shield' within your bucket and eliminating dirt, grit and debris from being transferred back onto your sponge or mitt.
  • Keeps your water cleaner, using the combination of the spiral pattern and the raised legs to reduce dirt, grit and debris from re-circulating above the ScratchShield.
  • Creates a defence barrier. Use your sponge or mitt to agitate against the surface of the shield to free it from contamination.
  • Fits most buckets, Fits buckets from diameter 238mm measured 65mm up from base


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