Car Wash Water Filter Di Pressure Vessels

Motoring Deals has a range of car wash water filter products for washing your car, allowing you to wash and rinse your car then allow it to dry naturally without leaving water marks. Our Di-ionising water filters are refillable and are extremely long lasting. There is no better water filter for car detailing.
We recommend you only use a water filter for rinsing the soap from your car during the washing process.There is no need to filter the water used for two bucket washing or pressure washers. Our car rinse water filters can save you time over and over again.

Water Filter Range

Our Di-ionising Resin Pressure Vessels come in two colours and resin types suitable for Hard Water and normal water areas. Selecting the correct resin for your local water tyre will extend the resin life. Say goodbye to water marks with a car wash water filter. For a spot free streak free finish time and time again.