Car Cleaning Equipment

Washing your car, or van at home no longer has to be a chore, by investing in the right car cleaning equipment you can make it a slightly less arduous task AND faster. Here you’ll find great products such as pressure washers, amazing Water Filters so you may never need to dry your car again, and Grit Guard Wash Buckets to help prevent fine scratches from Hand washing.

We NEVER take our car to a car wash or local hand car wash, for two reasons. Automated car washes can damage your paintwork, and local hand car washes seem to use very strong chemicals that damage the paint and plastics on your car. We always wash ours vehicles at home.

If you’ve been neglecting your car, Motoring Deals has a wide range of products to bring it back to almost showroom condition in no time. Our range of car detailing products are here to give you motor that sparkle.

In our Car Cleaning and Valeting category you can find all the car cleaning products you consume such as clay bars, polish, soap or Shampoo and naturally polish. We also list them by brand so if you favour one over the other, just search your Brand. We have Autoglym, Meguairs and Simoniz to name a few.

If you’re looking for an awesome shine on your ride, you can’t go far wrong with a car detailing kit, designed to return your vehicle back to that showroom gleam.