All You Need To Know Before Ordering A New Tesla

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We talked to a Tesla owner about what it's like owning a Tesla and spoke about the process from first though to arrival. We've put together this short list about all you need to know before ordering a new Model X or Model X, from a Model S owner.

The Future of Motoring is Electric

There can be no doubt that the electric car is here and here to stay, but there is only one car company producing and selling a totally electrically powered range of vehicles capable of long distances without recharging.  That car manufacturer is Tesla.  Just to set your mind at rest, you can charge your electric car, boil a kettle and do the ironing all without blowing a fuse, however it seems that some petrol headed press editors would have you believe electric car will topple the national grid.  The national grid has even confirmed they can cope. So no worries about charging.

The Test Drive

Lets face it, if you're about to spend upwards of £60,000 on a car, you are going to want to test drive it,  you can do that by booking directly at Tesla's website HERE.

Our advice is to try to get an early Saturday appointment or at time you know the area around the centre will be quiet. You will want to enjoy the test drive and not be stuck in traffic.  However the Tesla has some cool toys to get you through the traffic without getting frustrated. If you have another member of the house hold that drives your cars, take them with you. They are going to want to drive it too.

The Tesla Model S is a big car, and the Model X is even bigger after a while they don't seem too big though.  Take your time but don't be scared of it,  it won't bite.  You are going to love the experience.  The Tesla product specialist will drive the car first and then hand over at a swap over point just like most test drives.  What you don't truly appropriate until you press the accelerator pedal is how silent they are.  They glide along the road.

After The Test Drive

When you get back  to the Tesla centre, your Tesla product specialist will ask you to sign up for a Tesla account. Don't worry you are not committing to buy at this point, it's just to allow you to use the Tesla Design Studio to play with the options for your new Tesla.  You will finalise anything you do in the design studio to order and place the deposit.  You then have another two weeks to "play" with the spec before it's "locked" and your car gets a production slot. But before you do this, tell them about the referral you have as explained below.  This will give you Free Supercharging and money off your new Tesla.

Free Supercharging.

Tesla Supercharging

Tesla have lots of charging points across the motorway networks called Supercharges. Superchargers allow you to recharge the car at a blisteringly fast rate while you grab a coffee etc on longer journey.  Typically your new Tesla can charge form near empty to 90% in 40mins or less.  This is depending the car's battery capacity of your Tesla. Tesla gives you limited free Supercharging every year. After you have consumed that you need to pay for your "fuel". This is just like any other car, however you can get it totally free for the length of ownership of the car.

The only way to get Totally FREE Supercharging on a new Model S or Model X is via a Referral Code, and £750 off so HERE is a referral code. Use the link to sign up for a Tesla account or hand the code "nigel5844" to the product specialist on your test drive, this must be done before ordering. (Since this was written this information has changed and the latest information can be found here.

Tesla also has an impressive selection of Tesla destination chargers across many countries. This means you can charge you Model X or Model S while you enjoy local amenities in your area or areas you are visiting. Most of these site are free to use.  There are also other charging networks such as Polar, Polar Instant, Ecotricity where you can pay and charge.

Testa Referral code nigel5844
Referral code nigel5844

Charging Your Tesla At Home.

Your going to probably want to charge your brand new Tesla at home, and the cheapest way to do that is using your homes solar panels, BUT, many of us don't have a solar PV array on our roof yet.  This means you will need to look at your Energy Tariff.  We recommend having a look at comparison sites like GoCompare to see what you can save.  If you charge overnight you can use reduced energy prices on economy 7.  If you don't have economy 7 you can ask your supplier to install an E7 meter, often for Free.

Tesla Charging At Home

We used GoCompare to find the best tariff, but then decided to go with the second cheapest supplier called Bulb, a mostly renewable energy supplier.  We had a referral code for Bulb that gave us £50 credit for joining and once signed up £50 credit for anyone you refer, they will also pay any exit fee from your old supplier so you can switch early*.  With the free £50 and potentially another source of free fuel if you can refer a few people a month Bulb becomes the cheapest supplier (for us)*. To get the your free credit you'll need to use THIS LINK not the one on the comparison site. Check out Bulb Here.  They were the cheapest for use, as we're using 75% of our supply at night.

Installing Your Charger.

A Tesla Approved High Power Wall connector sadly doesn't attract a government grant to install an EV charger, BUT Electric Nation may be able to help if you live in an area they are interested in.  Basically, they will install a charger at your home, free of charge as long as you allow the monitoring of its use and charge throttling to simulate demand.  To be fair, we declined it and went for a Tesla High Power Wall connector. Why?  The Wall Connector just looks the part and we had an EV approved Electrician mate install it. More info can be found Here.

Ready to Go?

We've hocked you up with a Free Supercharging, chunk of money off, your new car is on order, you know what to do about installing a charger and you've switched your energy supplier to the best for you.

What else do you need to know?

  • Be prepared for strange looks driving down the street as people wonder what car you are driving.
  • People wanting to chat to you about your car.
  • No more smelly petrol stations or diesel pumps.
  • The kids won't need to scream from the back seat to be heard.
  • Everything is nicer in a Tesla.

Hopefully you will use the referral provided to get a discount on your Tesla Model X or Model S. Enjoy your new car and be part of the future of driving.

Owning A Tesla

Owning a Tesla is a change in driving habits.  You start the day with a full tank of "fuel" in the form of electricity.  You won't need to brave the cold and stand by a fuel pump while it fills up.  The closest you will come to that is sat in your Tesla while it charges with the heater on. This gives you time to relax or maybe catch up on the odd email or talking to the kids.  You have a Frunk (front truc. It's an american thing).  This is a nice storage area for items where the engine would be in a conventional "ICE" car. (internal combustion Engine) as well as the huge boot.

One For the kids

Tesla Model S For Kids

As if their Mum or Dad owning the coolest car in the street isn't good enough, there is even a Tesla Model S available for Kids. This kids edition is available from Radio flyer and can be used by children from 3-8 and or 81lbs. However we know a few adults that have tried them our for size. They are available from Radio Flyer, or on eBay if you are lucky to find one at a good price. They are £549 new from Radio Flyer, so don't pay other the odds for one on ebay

About Tesla

Tesla designs and manufactures the Model S electric saloon and the Model X electric SUV, and now the Model 3, a premium EV. Tesla also produces a line of commercial and residential battery products and Tesla solar roof tiles. has no affiliation or business agreement with Tesla or related companies.

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