Kia Soul EV Electric Cars For Sale

Kia Soul Ev Electric Cars For Sale
Kia Soul Ev Electric Cars For Sale

Kia Soul EV is a competent, well made and appealing electric car, but it's expensive compared to its rivals, If you’re considering an electric car, the Kia Soul EV deserves to be on your demo list, alongside the Nissan LeafRenault ZOE and BMW i3. It’s very similar to the standard Soul hatchback, but uses a 109bhp electric motor and 27kWh battery. The Soul EV has a range of around 132 miles and recharging the batteries should take around four to five hours at home if you have a fast charger installed.

The Soul EV is comfortable and easy to drive, and has adequate performance, particularly at speeds below 60mph. Interior space is also good and the boot is of a fairly good size, while standard equipment is generous. Although the EV is roughly twice the price of the standard Soul, you can knock £4,500 off its price straight away thanks to a Government grant. In the current EV market, it does seem expensive though: over £10,000 more than a basic Renault ZOE, around £4,000 more than a Nissan Leaf, and only £2,500 or so off an entry-level BMW i3. There is no separate battery lease option for the Soul EV so second hand purchasing is easier to understand.

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