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Happy New Year From Motoring Deals

Happy New Year

Motoring Deals would like to wish everyone a fantastic New Year for 2018, we hope your not too hung over this morning, but now is the time to check your car over before the dreaded back to work commute on Tuesday.

Every year thousands of people are left stranded when there car fails to start after the Christmas season due to not being used.  This is especially true for the second car in the household.

Almost two-thirds of drivers have not had their battery checked in the last six months, according to the retailer, meaning icy conditions and idle motors will hit hard.

To help beat the back-to-work blues, Halfords is offering free battery health checks this week. You just need to visit its website, add the battery check to your basket and pick a local store. You'll then be taken to a diary page to schedule in a date and time to get your battery checked.

Drivers can also add on a free winter check at the same time where mechanics will check oil and screenwash and top up if necessary. Plus they'll make sure blades, bulbs and batteries are working correctly - and that your windscreen isn't cracked or chipped.

Many car owners don't know how to jump start their car and 66 per cent have no idea how to change a faulty battery. Did you know using your car’s heater, lights and devices like dash cams places greater demand on your battery, and this combined with leaving your car standing idle in sub-zero temperatures could result in a less than positive start to 2018." So go out side and crank your motor and take it for a 20 minute driver, ideally in full day light so you can keep the power usage down and recharge that battery, leaving yourself time to put the battery on charge if needed.  If you haven't got breakdown cover check out GEM Motoring Assist Breakdown Cover where you can get Fully Comprehensive Breakdown Cover from just £68.  You can also check out the AA and RAC. But the real saving is on groupon where you can get cover for less than £20.

The Motoring Deals website shop has a variety of Battery Chargers, Jump Leads and other travel essentials with prices from various retailers including Amazon. If you can't find what you want on our site shop, then use our brand new product search engine that searches over 400 million products, and the best bit, it's not limited to car parts and accessories, you can literally search anything you want, even the Kitchen sink! we kid you not!