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Electric Vehicle Charging – EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging  and Electricity Tariff Switching. In this article we look at charging your Electric Vehicle, but first lets take a quick look at the history of the Electric vehicle. In case you hadn’t noticed, we are now living in the future.  The day that Marty Mcfly was catapulted into 2015 in Back to the Future has been and gone. So, you might feel a little underwhelmed when you look around the roads and see cars which don’t seem a whole lot different to how they were 15 years ago.  That's already changing on an almost monthly level. There are some truly mind-melting developments which could transform how we drive forever.  Let’s take a look at one of them of them, the Electric car, or EV (Electric Vehicle).

Electric Vehicles Evolve.

It was actually way back in 1834 (even before Doc and Marty played in the wild west of 1855 in back to the future 3) that the first electric car was created. It operated on an electric track with more in common with a certain slot car racing toy.  Then in 1884 the first practical electric car came along with rechargeable batteries. However the Internal combustion engine, or (ICE) and the oil domination has kept the EV off the roads other than maybe the humble milk float, which was another battery powered EV of days past.

Skipping forward to the 1990’s, major car manufactures are showing off their early attempts at the modern EV. Chrysler, Ford and Honda were among the first, but they were all soon withdrawn from sale due to poor take up.

Skip forward into the noughties, and Tesla Motors light up the stage with what can only be called a game changer in 2008.  The EV revolution is born with the Tesla Roadster.  The likes of Nissan and Renault also hit the market with the Leaf, Fluence, and Zoe and even the major bad boy of the car manufactures VW stepped in with the “up”.  But as we all know there is a market leading, which can only be Tesla.  The Tesla Model S, Model X and soon to be available model 3 are by far the most advanced of them all.  The EV is still in a very much Niche market, but estimates put electric vehicle sales at around 1 in 30 in the UK alone.   That's a massive market.

Electric Vehicle Charging.Charging Your Electric Vehicle

So how are we all going to charge these cars?  Until very recently there was network of free to use chargers across the UK.  These are now becoming a pay as you use option. For present Tesla owners, the growing Tesla Supercharger network is still very much free to use. These are for fast charging on en-route and thus are normally a little far away for everyday use and topping off the cells. Tesla are now changing the access to the Supercharger network, meaning new orders will only get 400KWh free per year.

Electric Highway.

Due these changes in cost of charging on the electric highway, people will be now looking to home charging more than ever to ensure they can maintain the amazing low cost of an EV driving. One simply way to keep those home charging costs down is with the best possible home or business electric tariff that suits your needs.  Economy 7 and the older economy 10 tariffs are a great way to charge your car at night while you sleep, but the higher cost of the day units isn’t always the answer especially if you work from home or have a young family, so calculate carefully. One method is to use one of the price comparison websites to ensure you are on the best possible tariff for charging your electric vehicle.  Using data you provide the comparison site can calculate the tariff that best suits you and your EV.  You can also take part in what’s called collective switch. These methods along can help drive down the cost of charging your electric vehicle.

What is collective switching?

Collective switching is when a large group of people (a 'community') uses its collective purchasing power to negotiate its own tariff with energy suppliers.

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You can learn more about collective switching here.

Update 22nd September 2017

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Electric Vehicle Charging and other topics are shared on the EVolution UK Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.  If you own an EV or thinking about owning one, you may find these groups useful in your transition to EV Motoring