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VW e-Up Electric Car
VW e-Up Electric Car

After nearly 100 years of the internal combustion engine or ICE as they are known in the Electric Car scene, a old automotive technology has come of age.  Yes you read that correctly. The first electric car dates back to 1828 no less, but the birth of the internal combustion engine put pay to the electric quickly, now the electric car is back for a second bite of the cherry and its revenge.
Cleaner, quieter and fun to drive, the modern electric car is here, and this time it's here to stay. But, after so many years of the same petrol or diesel cars and vans, it’s understandable that you may have questions about switching to electric. And that’s where we come in.

Making The Switch To An Electric Car.

Here are Motoring Deals we were complete petrol heads, until we went for a test drive at our local Tesla Store. We were completely blown away, and hocked. The only issue was the price! After a lot of man maths we took plunge and ordered a electric car. There are now EV websites to such a EV Accessories.

What About Charging And The Bills.

Here are the best bits. Our petrol bill for our previous car was over £80 a month, and our electric will has only gone up by £30. So were are already saving £50 a month on "fuel". We've never ran out of battery power just like we've never ran out of fuel. You see, the great thing about an electric car is, you start each day with a full battery, no more queueing at petrol stations. Thanks to economy 7 from our really cheap energy supplier Bulb. We use the cheapest grid supplied electric to charge our car. We are hoping to go off grid and store our power soon using batteries and solar but in the mean time we switched to Bulb and with THIS link you can get £50 account credit and they pay your exit fees from your old supplier too. PLUS, if you share your Bulb referral code with friends and family you BOTH get £50 every time someone new sign up. So what are you waiting for here is £50 from us to you. Even if you don't have any electric cars in your house hold Bulb could save money on your energy bills

Free Motoring With Electric Cars.

There are a growing network of FREE charging points are popping up all over the country at gyms, supermarkets, shopping centres and retail parks. This means you can leave with more "fuel" or charge in your battery than when you arrived, for free, when was the last time you filled up at a petrol station for free without some kind of loyalty voucher? Charing speeds and rates depend on the charing network and vehicle.

What's Holding You Back?

Realistically there is nothing holding the average commuter back from buying an electric car with a range that meets your commute requirements. If you like to buy your cars new direct from a dealer then STOP right now. There is a new way to buy a car, direct from a manufacturer approved main dealership but with massive savings. To get the best deals on a new car then use CARWOW today.  They simply get the dealerships to compete for your business.  You'll need to know the car Make and Model you are after but CARWOW can help you with that. You simply signup to on the CARWOW website (no membership or costs) and follow the process and then sit back and wait as the offers come in for your desired car. The prices will vary but we got offered huge discounts on various models and found a dealership that offered a great package deal.  If you want to buy a TESLA then you'll need to go direct where you can save on new inventory models they have in stock and if  you use THIS LINK you'll get free Supercharging (More Free Motoring) if you order before then end of January 2018.

What Are You Waiting For?

Still not convinced?  Try it! "Don't knock it till you try it" is what we say. If you are still tightly holding on to that Petrol or Diesel and won't change just yet, something you should consider RIGHT NOW is that most manufactures are already committing to having a large range of electric cars or a completely electric range by 2020. What does that mean for you Diesel or Petrol cars value when you come to trade it in after 3 years? You could find the demand for Petrol and Diesel cars is so low the trade in value of your present car is below your expectations. This could leave you well out of pocket due to deprecation. If the demand for second hand electric cars is high you could sell privately, at the best price and put yourself in the driving seat for your next car. In short switching early could help with your trade-in prospect too. Due to the Diesel emission scandal diesel prices have already fallen and VED (road tax) may increase. Most Electric cars pay NO Vehicle excise Duty. That's another saving.

What Electric Car Models Are For Sale Today?

You can read more about the range of electric cars on sale already on CARWOW or you can check out some of the current offerings on eBay below.

Before Buying Second Hand.

There are a few electric cars on the market that as an owner you don't actually own the battery, it's owned by the car manufacturer meaning you have to "rent" it. Whilst this does cover you if the battery fails, it means your going to erode those savings over petrol or diesel before you even turn the wheel. So be sure to check who owns the battery on cars like the Nissan Leaf. Above all, always get a vehicle history check from someone like HPI or RAC Car Passport. It could save you from buying a car with outstanding finance on etc.

Second Hand Electric Cars.

Websites like eBay, preloved and Autotrader are already filling up with electric cars, and demand is already high as people begin to understand that they can get into a toasty warm car on a frosty morning, and that melts the frost off the windows all without having to wait for the engine to heat up! In summer electric cars can be cooled down car before you get in too,  Yes that's right most electric cars can pre condition while you're having your breakfast meaning you can unplug and go.

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Find More electric cars for sale on our Facebook Page here. Which ever electric car you are looking for, we are sure you'll see on on our feed.

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