Snow Day Drivers Warned Of Black Ice Monday

Black Ice Monday

Met Office issues further snow and ice warnings for Monday 11th Dec, after heavy snowfall brought major travel disruption to the UK over the weekend.

Black Ice Monday

UK Motorists are being warned to take extra care as hazardous driving conditions are expected to hit the UK today and it's been dubbed "Black Ice Monday".

Heavy snow that brought major travel disruption over the weekend and severe weather left thousands of homes across the UK without power.

The AA says it dealt with more than 14,000 breakdowns, with call centres dealing with a 40% increase in call outs to rescue cars stuck in snow.

The RAC also said it expects to attend 11,000 breakdowns on "Black Ice Monday" after being called to 8,000 incidents on Sunday.

Flights, rail services and roads were badly affected after a thick blanket of snow covered large parts of the united kingdom.

Up to 30cm/ 1 foot of snow was recorded in one part of Wales, while winds of more than 80mph battered the south coast of England.

The Met Office issued an amber alert - its second highest warning - for snow across parts of Wales, the Midlands and northern and eastern England on Sunday.

Motoring Deals says stay at home, the risks are high,  if you do have to travel, take it slow, as they say, better to be late in this world than early in the next. Above all keep safe and check out our range of Winter Car Kits and De-Icer.

Snow Day

Thousands of pupils will get the day off School today after many hardest hit schools call a Snow day.  Thousands of kids rejoice as parents struggle to get child care and dread the thought of catching up with their work load on returning to work in the coming days. Many local roads have remained untreated despite the 2-3 day warning of the bad weather that gave authorities plenty of time to prepare.   We spoke to one tax payer saying "it's disgusting, if I failed to prepare in my day job, I'd be sacked for incompetence". Do you think the authorities have failed us again?  We've not seen the street we live on treated for around 20 years!