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Direct Car Excess Insurance Buy Today Save 5%

direct car excess insurance buy. Car Hire Excess Insurance

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

When you hire a car, the rental price will usually include insurance which covers you for accidents and theft. However, if your rental car is damaged or stolen, you may still have a large excess to pay. When you collect your rental car, the rental company may offer their own additional insurance which will reduce your excess to zero. However, this could be very expensive and may only be available at the rental counter.  Buying ahead with Direct Car Excess Insurance could offer you a cheaper deal and provide you with peace of mind that your excess charges will be reimbursed if you have an accident or if your rental car is stolen. Direct Car Excess Insurance will also cover you for damage to tyres, the windscreens and undercarriage which are usually excluded from the rental companies insurances. We also cover you for stolen baggage, rental key replacement costs and Personal Accident.

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What does it cover?

  • Up to £6,000 excess reimbursement for car hire
    in the UK and abroad
  • Damage to tyres, the windscreen and the undercarriage
  • Theft of secured baggage
  • Rental key replacement costs
  • Policyholder and all additional named drivers
    aged 21 to 85 covered
  • Same price whatever your age

Don't be left with car insurance excess to pay

Having to pay an excess if something goes wrong with your rental car piles on the misery when your holiday has already been disrupted.

Direct Car Excess Insurance will cover you against the excess fee (up to £6,000) and could save you an unexpected expense on your holiday car rental.

Europe & Worldwide cover

We've got it covered. With single trip polices to European destinations for only £2.90 a day and Worldwide cover starting from only £3.70 a day. Whether it's just you, you and your partner or your family, the price will stay the same.

What's more, there's no excess to pay should you need to claim on any of our policies. After all, we're providing insurance which reimburses any excess. That's what car hire excess insurance is all about!

What's not covered?

Our Direct Car Excess Insurance is not a replacement for your hire car insurance, which you will still need to purchase from your car hire company (if it's not already included in the rental price). Following an accident or theft, your car hire company will usually deduct the excess from your credit card - you will have to pay this and it can run into many hundreds of pounds, or more. Direct Car Excess Insurance will reimburse you for this excess payment.

Please note: Insured drivers must be UK residents aged between 21 and 85. There is no cover for travel in Crimea, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or countries where the Foreign Office has warned against all but essential travel. Certain types of vehicle are not covered, these are listed in the policy document and frequently asked questions. These policies do not cover flood and water damage, or electrical or mechanical breakdown. Kindly note, we are unable to provide insurance if you are renting from Green Motion Leicester, Green Motion Luton, Green Motion Leicester and Noleggiare.

5% OFF DIRECT CAR EXCESS INSURANCE - Use Code FIV2151 - Offer Expires 31-12-17