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Check This Out, Technic Lego Engine Blows Up

Technic Lego Motor Blows up

Here at Motoring Deals we're big kids at heart and love building some of the cool Technic Lego kits that are available. This year we have already built Tractor! But some people take Technic Lego that but further.

If you don't know about or have never built Technic Lego, it's like "normal" Lego, but it has evolved over the years and become very different to standard Lego primarily as it has hundreds of different mechanical parts such as gears, crankshafts, electric motors, pneumatic's and pistons. In fact it's just like mini versions of mechanical parts use in products today.

LEGO creators are pushing their LEGO building skills as far away from the standard sets as they can and they do this by creating some truly amazing builds, or just mess around with bits that have come from standard construction kits like the ones in the video below.

Checkout how this Lego engine, If you've ever built one of the "test cars" or Porsche, you'll know they come with a working replica motor that has moving pistons, con-rods and crank shafts. Watch these Lego engine blow up as they are tested high RPM’s, literally throwing parts everywhere.

Spun up with an electric motor, the Lego engines in this short clip get tested to the point of self destruction by spinning them and seeing how fast they can go before blowing apart.  It starts out with a typical four cylinder, then moves on with two different V8 engines. No one knows the true RPM, but the engines completely disintergrate causing engine pieces to fly everywhere, almost like a real engine throwing a con-rod or piston!  Luckily, being Lego, an engine rebuild is fast, cheap and easy.

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