How Car Thieves Are Beating Security

Picture From Sky News Website
Picture From Sky News Website

According to a report on Sky News, high tech car crime is on the increase.

Here is a link to the report on the Skynews website. Police data shows there has been a 30% increase in car thefts over the past three years.

At Motoring Deals we want YOU to beat the criminals and protect your key less entry cars from these high tech thefts, and it's going to cost you less that £15!  A lot less than most Insurance policy excess'

All you need to do is put your car key in an RF Blocking Bag.  This simply stops the car key from transmitting it's signal outside the bag, so there is no signal for the car criminals to scan.  Sadly this wont stop the car from being broken into to steal your belongings, or ODB port attacks, but it will go a long way to stop theft by key scanning.  we use on of these products ourselves. This is the exact product we use, and we cannot recommend it enough.

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