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BlackVue Show Off Upcoming DR900s 4K Dashcam

BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K Dash Cam

Blackvue has announced a brand new top of the line 4K dash cam, the Blackvue DR900S. Yes you read that correctly, the DR900S shoots in 4K (over the 1080p of the DR750S). Plus, to keep file sizes cloud friendly, Blackvue are also introducing a new H.265 codec that does an even better job of video compression than H.264 on previous models.

Check out this video to see the Blackvue DR900S, and see some sample footage from the camera.

To fully appreciate the 4k video you need to be viewing it on a 4K TV, but It is definitely better than the DR650S we ran previously and the DR750S-2CH that we currently run. It appears to be resolving details such as license plates, much better than previous models.

Blackvue have made public some sample camera footage on youtube, but made it clear that it's not necessarily representative of the final production dashcam footage and explained it's from a test unit, without any image signal processor tuning, compressed with H.264 at 10 Mbit. So the new codec is yet to be seen buy the real world.  It's also bragging High Dynamic Range imaging.

Here’s some 4K sample footage you can take a look at:

Here the DR900S show the numberplate VERY clearly and we have to say it's impressive over our old DR650s-2CH.

We are yet to see any rear camera footage which in our opinion is just as important to prevent those crash for crash claims.

Blackvue DR900S Features & Overview.

Here is what we know so far.

  • 4K Front camera
  • 1080p Rear camera
  • New High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability
  • Sony STARVIS sensor
  • H.264 & H.265 codecs available
  • GPS, WiFi, G-sensor
  • Cloud integration
  • Parking mode
Blackvue DR900S 4k Dash Cam
Blackvue DR900S 4k Dash Cam

As mentioned already in top of the impressive 4K resolution and new compression algorithm, the DR900S will also offer a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature, something that many other cameras now offer.  Thish allow the camera to take two images at the same time and merge them into one image.  This in turn enables you to make out more detail in the dark shadows and bright highlights of the image. We are yet to see any HDR footage recorded on the DR900 but it sound promising, the results from the DR900S are looking very impressive so far.

BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K Dash Cam
BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K Dash Cam

What Would We like To See Added To the DR900S Dash Cam?

We'd like to see a circular polarising filter that can cut down the reflections from the inside of your car, to stop the lower third of the image having a reflection of the dashboard.

The 4K Blackvue DR900S will not be replacing the 1080p Blackvue DR750S, but will be sold alongside it.
Exact pricing and availability of the Blackvue DR900S hasn’t been set yet, but expect it to be available early next year.
We look forward to testing the new DR900S and comparing it to our DR750S. We'll be back with that review when we get out hands on one.

Here Are The Specs We Know So Far.

  •  Sony Starvis 8.51 Mpx sensor
  • Front 4k UHD@30fps
  • Rear Full HD@60fps with HDR support
  • WIFI/GPS module
  • 2 channel and one channel version
  • H.256 encoding support
  • Available in 1 or 2 channel variant. DR900S-1CH and DR900s-2CH
  • Release Date - TBC

Price: no info
Release date: no info (Conflicting reports of early and mid 2018)

The Motoring Deals Shop has range of Blackvue Dash cameras and accessories, check them out today as well as our test footage of the DR750-2CH in action against the DR650 and also a DR750-2CH night test.